Physiotherapist at home Pricing

Physiotherapist at home with the most advanced technology equipment and astonishing experience in the field at a reasonable and affordable At Home Charges.

Long Term package

monthly package (31 Sessions)


21000 Rs. Only + Free Assessment

15 Days Package (16 Sessions)


11200 Rs. only + Free Assessment

Weekly Package (6 Sessions)


4650 Rs. only


  • To avail of any package payment needs to be made in Advance.
  • In case of cancelation, Regular Charges i.e. 800 Rs/Session will be charged.
  • If modality(Physiotherapy treatment Machines) is needed charges will differ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Physiotherapist at home with the most advanced technology equipment and astonishing experience in the field at a reasonable and affordable At Home Charges.

How much does a session of physiotherapy cost?

The average cost of a physiotherapy session is 600 – 700 Rs. This is the average across Pune. The cost of a physiotherapy session can be as low as 500 Rs. This typically depends on what type of injury you have and how long ago it occurred. Often we treat anywhere from 3 to 6 times a week, depending on what your goals are and what is appropriate.

Does Physiotherapist at home really work?

Physiotherapist at home for people who suffer from mild to moderate lower back pain is a waste of time and poor use of NHS money, according to a major study published today. Physiotherapy treatment to relieve your pain may include soft tissue massage and stretching to relieve tension and spasm, joint mobilizations, acupuncture, electrotherapy, corrective exercise, posture awareness, and advice on how to overcome pain in your daily activities.

How long do physiotherapy sessions last?

Usually, sessions last between 45 minutes and an hour but this depends on the nature of the condition. The first appointment will usually be longer in order to account for the time taken to take a patient’s medical history.

What can I expect from a physiotherapy session?

Patients should wear loose, comfy clothing that will not restrict movement, and your physio may ask you to perform a few movements or exercises so they can correctly assess your level of mobility. You may also be asked to walk a short distance so your physician can assess if your condition is affecting your gait.

How do you know if you need physiotherapy?

If you had a particularly hard day at the gym, you will feel sore afterward. But if your pain is persistent and not getting any better, that is a sure sign that you need to see a physiotherapist. Likewise, mobility and movement are reasonably constant for a person. Sure, with age they change, but not overnight.

Is Physiotherapist at home Painful?

We have all heard the pronouncing “No pain no gain.” This is a splendid analogy whilst describing physiotherapy. Not unusual query humans generally tend to invite is, “does physiotherapy hurt?” Well, the answer is yes, physiotherapy may be uncomfortable or painful at times. With that stated, if an affected man or woman desires to get higher and get higher as quickly as possible, physiotherapy is regularly the crucial part of rehabilitation and maximum suited health. Physiotherapy, most importantly, will enhance or repair mobility, relieve ache, and reduce the want for surgery and pharmaceuticals.